Netwrix Solutions

Orchestrate IT security with your data at its core. Our solutions empower you to identify and classify sensitive information with utmost precision; reduce your exposure to risk and detect threats in time to avoid data breaches; and achieve and prove compliance.

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Netwrix Auditor Benefits

Understand which data needs protection and how exposed it is

Identify and classify sensitive data, both structured and unstructured, and infrastructure risks that might endanger its security.

Make more informed incident response decisions

Reduce mean time to respond to data security threats and contain incidents.

Promptly detect data security threats

Spot abnormal user behaviour and policy violations that threaten data security.

Minimize the risk of a data breach

See who has access to what and proactively remediate the overexposure of sensitive, regulated and mission-critical data.

Facilitate the recovery of key data and learn from past incidents

Review comprehensive details about how a security incident happened and what data was affected.

Achieve and prove regulatory compliance

Proactively assess the effectiveness of your data security controls and prove your compliance to auditors with hard evidence.

Netwrix Auditor Applications

Netwrix Auditor platform includes a broad range of applications that provide a single-pane-of-glass-view of what’s going on across both data storages and backbone IT systems.

This insight enables organizations to understand where sensitive data is located, what the risks around it are and what activity is threatening its security.

Prove Compliance

Assess the effectiveness of the data security controls across your entire infrastructure so you can remediate any flaws before auditors come to call.

Use the hard evidence provided by Netwrix Auditor to demonstrate to auditors that your controls adhere to their regulations and answer any ad-hoc questions.